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Hi, I’m Allan Holender,  the CEO, Executive Producer, and Host of Boomer Public Radio. I’m excited to be sharing this adventure with you in my sunset years. I’m 74 and considered a pre-boomer, but like many of you, I feel more like I was fast frozen at 37, and so our zest for life has brought us all together. There are no borders, walls, or boundaries, when it comes to growing older. We are ALL in this together! It just depends on how we choose to live those years.

I started Boomer Public Radio, because I felt we needed to hear ourselves above the noise created by the corporate media and it’s endless desire to keep us controlled by fear and paranoia, and mostly fearing for our very lives. I thought it was time to start thinking with our own heads, and deciding how we wanted to age more gracefully, creatively, and healthier.

I also thought it was time to hear how other boomers and pre-boomers were enjoying their lives in other countries around the world. What are the new advances  they have discovered in lifestyle and preventive medicine for instance.

In the weeks to come we’ll keep you up-dated on not only the timing  for our first global podcast, but also when we will launch our crowd funding site. As well you’ll be able to subscribe to our free daily newspaper, which we’re calling BOOMERANG – The official digital print voice for  Boomer Public Radio- the show that takes you back and brings you forward.

We’re excited to be broadcasting to the world in clear digital sound. Every week we’ll be bringing you news, information, stories, conversations, and entertainment exclusively for Boomers and Beyond. I like to call it “radio for the intelligent Boomer optimist”.

Best of all, I’ll be in my home studio  broadcasting to the world from the beautiful shores and lush vineyards of the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia, the retirement oasis of Canada. With all  the new technology, we can bring back the “magic” of personality radio that we all remember and miss in a format that can easily be listened to on your home computer, your I-Pad, or your smart phone. The days of a static cling radio signal  with limited range are in the rear view mirror, along with the last listening post for AM/FM, the car radio.

I hope you’ll become a raving fan of BPR, and you can start by liking us on facebook,

where you’ll also be kept up to date on our progress as we prepare for a summer launch. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

bernie saunders

Feel the BPR bern……and even though he won’t be the next President, what a great poster boy Bernie is for all of us that still have the zing and the zag to create a better world!!

Best of all the kids listened!!!




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