“National Radio Podcast For Boomers Launches In Canada”

 Kelowna ,B.C. 11.1.16

A new national podcast for Boomers and Beyond in Canada will launch on November 5th hosted by veteran radio personality, Allan Holender. He will be broadcasting LIVE on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m-11:00 a.m. (pacific) 12:00 noon -2:00 p.m. (eastern) on the new Boomer Public Radio Network founded by Holender.

Holender, an internet radio pioneer, says “We are re-configuring radio  for an exciting new digital and mobile future.

Inspired by the award winning “A Prairie Home Companion” in the U.S., and in  honour of it’s Host Emeritus, Garrison Keillor , comes a new radio program for a new generation of Boomers in Canada and the world.

This original radio broadcast, produced in the Okanagan,  will be dedicated to the 10 million Baby Boomers in Canada, who represent the fastest growing demographic in the country. According to Forbes Magazine; “Boomers are the most valuable generation in the history of marketing“. Holender will produce and host this new entertainment and conversation podcast.

 A BOOMER HOME COMPANION ” will be a cornucopia of fireside memories, mindful chatter, and  music from the jukebox of your life”, Holender says. “Do you remember the songs you listened to, danced to, kissed to, and cherish”? The program also features  candid and insightful interviews with prominent boomers from all walks of life. Allan will be inviting  a whole range of interesting folks from around the world to pull up a chair to the big breakfast table and engage in conversation. There’s lots of room for you too!”  The show will air LIVE on the BPR Network and be available later as a podcast.

A Prairie Home Companion was a live radio variety show created by radio emeritus Garrison Keillor and hosted by him from 1974 to 2016.  The show has a long history; it has existed in a similar form since as far back as 1974 and borrows its name from a radio program in existence in 1969 that was named after the Prairie Home Cemetery in Moorhead, Minnesota, next to Concordia College. The radio program inspired a 2006 film of the same name, written by Keillor, directed by Robert Altman, and featuring Keillor, Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Kline, John C. Reilly, and Woody Harrelson. 

Garrison Keillor was born in 1942 in Anoka, Minnesota, and began his radio career as a freshman at the University of Minnesota, from which he graduated in 1966.

Allan Holender was born in 1941 in Edmonton , Alberta, and began his radio career as a freshman at the U of M as well, only Allan’s was at the University of Montana from which he graduated in 1965.

A lot of similarities you might say. Kindred radio souls you might also say.

 For Garrison Keillor, there were plenty of adventures over 42 years — broadcasts from Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Iceland and almost every one of the 50 states; wonderful performers, little-known and world-renowned; standing ovations and stares of bewilderment.

For Allan Holender, there were also plenty of adventures over 43 years- he was  an early pioneer of Internet broadcasting in Canada with over 40 years in the broadcasting industry. Allan has been a producer, nationally syndicated host and  co-owner  of a terrestrial radio station in the  the lower mainland of British  Columbia. As an early adapter, Allan was at the forefront of developing content rich programming for digital online radio networks in both Canada and the U.S.;  Media On Tap, Positive World Radio, Conscious Planet Radio,  Peachland Radio.COM , and Okanagan Radio.COM . He was one of the first in Canada to broadcast using the internet in 1997.

Allan Holender has been in the radio biz since he was ten years old. He began by broadcasting to his Mother in the kitchen. His Dad set him up in the den with a turntable and a microphone and a small speaker in the kitchen. She became his greatest fan. In 1995 he resurrected that little boy from Edmonton and became “Big Al” — hosting the most popular live radio show in Vancouver. “Big Al’s Dance Party was born, and the theme was …memories, music, and mayhem or comedy, records and fun! The ratings at AM 1040 went through the roof… and for two years he was the toast of Saturday night. Big Al and his motley crew of characters… Cuzzin Fred, Marvelous Mindy and Rockin Rob took you back to the golden era of music from the 40″s, 50″s, and Big Band. Throw in the Doowop Gal and Mickey the Music Man and his collection of 10,000 78″ records from the 30″s and you had a very unique show! The show outranked the CBC’s “Finkelstein’s 45’s” during that time slot. Allan has interviewed everyone from Maynard Ferguson, Cal Jader to Dave Stewart and Michael Buble. He knows his stuff and loves to play his private collection of some 1,000 LP’s.

Holender hosted the first nationally syndicated radio program for home business entrepreneurs called, “The HomeBiz Show” on the CHUM and Talk America Radio Networks. He hosted several talk and jazz shows on his previous three digital online radio networks, and in 2012 produced and narrated a 14 week series called “The Allan Holender Music Project” for WXMR FM 100.7 Radio Bistro-“The Music Of Our Lives”. Allan says he dedicates all his radio shows to the greatest music of our time. Whether it’s Jazz, Blues, Soul, or R & B, the music from the 40,s 50,s, or big bands, Allan weaves a tapestry of stories and personal anecdotes about these legendary artists and their music. It’s a musical buffet to tempt the listener palate and makes you want to come back for more and more.

He also co-hosted the ZenBiz Radio Show on Voice America and Biz Talk on the station he co-founded, CISL 650 in Richmond, British Columbia. About his new show, Holender says, “I’m going to use this show to try to pull listeners a little closer to their radios, and sometimes pull them right into the radio with us. I see this as a chance to develop a new type of relationship with a local and global audience “. Allan has semi retired now to the beautiful shores of Lake Okanagan amongst the vineyards and has aged like fine wine, and so what better time to host a new show on a new media platform.

Holender says’ “The fact that so many retirees, friends and family  that live in the Okanagan are from the Prairies as I am, the thought occurred to me to have a  show that they can relate to the most. Life on the Prairies is far different from any other region in Canada. Those of us that grew up on the Prairies,know all about; the unique weather, the people, the pioneer spirit, the culture and  the little things that we remember the most  from  growing up as children of parents who sacrificed much to make for a better life for us.

“I’d also like to start a new conversation about active aging in Canada”. We’ll be talking to fellow Boomers from B.C. to Newfoundland about what it means to be getting older, while at the same time, re-inventing, rejuvenating, and re-designing their lives with innovative and creative ideas.””All Boomers have one thing in common”, says Holender. “We all grew up with the radio as our companion in life. We had it by our bedside, in our kitchen, our living room, our rumpus/rec room, our garage, in our cars, at the beach, and at work.”

A Boomer Home Companion” Holender says ” Was inspired by the days when neighbors came together to share their point of view on local news, politics, religion and sports for the purpose of creating a better community. An informal, genuine approach to on-demand programming forms Holender’s entire outlook on the new show. “ I want to be a listening companion. I’m looking for interesting companions. People I’d want to hang out with, at a dinner party or a coffee shop. People who have knowledge, and interesting ways of imparting it. We’re building a network of podcasts that you can listen to one after another, the next to the next to the next. We want listeners to feel like they’re hanging out with people they know, and whose companionship they enjoy. That’s something I like about podcasts, and I want to increase that experience for other people.”

Although the program will originate from Canada, the topics and discussions will be general enough to appeal to the 80 million Boomers in the U.S. and around the world.  “That’s the beauty of this new media platform, says Holender, you can go LIVE and within seconds people from around the world are listening to you on their internet connection.” I love the idea of bringing back the way radio used to sound with new technology

 Author and ScreenWriter of “The Corporation ” Joel Bakan says: Allan Holender brings to internet radio what Charlie Rose brings to public television, the knack for a great interview, Allan continues to impress me with his news sense, story-telling ability, self-effacing humor and unique point of view. The love and passion of radio has never left him.  Allan will be a terrific addition to the Canadian digital radio air waves.”.


Holender says this about the future of Boomer Public Radio;”Our ONE big Dream is to be the preferred media choice for connecting the voices of Boomers from around the world where imagination and ideas flourish. Boomer Public Radio will be the #1 source for news, information,stories, conversations, and entertainment for the 80 million baby boomers  in the U.S. and 10 million in Canada, representing the fastest growing demographic in North America, and the most valuable generation in the history of marketing”.



The show will air LIVE on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. (pacific) 11:00 a.m. (central) 12:00 Noon (eastern)  and then be archived as a podcast on the Boomer Public Radio site for listening at any time.

TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW AND FOR UPDATES GO TO:  https://www.facebook.com/boomerpublicradio/







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