NDP, Liberals neck and neck in B.C. polls, but Christy Clark could have edge


The Liberals also potentially have a turnout advantage. Mainstreet finds that the Liberals have stronger supporters and give the party a three-point lead among those voters who are most likely to vote and least likely to change their minds. Both Mainstreet and Ipsos give the Liberals a significant lead among older British Columbians, who also vote in larger numbers.

This is ABSOLUTELY BEWILDERING given that older British Columbians have been offered next to nothing by the Liberals, and yet they remember and are so afraid of the letters NDP, they vote from fear not sensibility.

If we had the BPP ( BC BOOMER PLUS ) party, with a platform that catered to what boomers and seniors need and want in this province, we would steal votes away from the liberals.

Seniors across the province are so upset about hospital care, emergency over crowding, surgical wait times, lack of affordable housing, home care, poverty and yet, like my parents , they vote for the party not the policies.

The irony is that older British Columbians value voting more than young people, and yet the Liberals are trying to appeal to families and young people with the economy, jobs & housing, infrastructure , benefits of the site C dam, roads,etc etc and the seniors will vote them IN despite knowing that none of this benefits their daily lives.

And so the result is, without the young people showing up at the polling booth, Liberals win, because Generation X, Y , Z, and Millennia’s don’t trust any government. No wonder; the Centre For Public Integrity has said;” we are at the lowest level of trust in government and companies since the 1930’s”.

Hey young people, next time you see a senior on the street, THANK them, for doing you a favour by electing a party that has ZERO interest in their welfare.

And then when you get old and you need the same things that they need and you are pissed off at the government for not caring, remember May 9th, 2017, when you had ten good excuses for not voting, or had better things to do than prepare for the day either you or parents will need the services that simply aren’t there.

There is a term for all of this , and it’s called “Common Sense Disorder”.


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