Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside
Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside

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You are invited to join us as we re-imagine radio for a NEW generation of Boomers in the Valley! WE ARE BOOMER PUBLIC RADIO

Teaming up with Boomer Public Radio will make your company’s image as appealing as a Gershwin song and as polished as a Tony Bennett performance! And our sophisticated hosts are able to deliver the sophisticated audience that you want to reach.


Over 50 percent of the people now living in the Okanagan Valley are aged  54 and over. They grew up with radio as their companion and have been starving for their own radio station since 2007 when CKFR-AM 1150 switched from Oldies to News, Talk, Sports. BPR is going to give back  radio to those disenfranchised Boomers.



  •  There are 98,000 baby boomers over the age of fifty who live in the Okanagan Valley.
  •  Our goal is to be their number one source for news, information , stories, conversations, and entertainment.
  •  Forbes magazine recently said “Boomers are the most valuable generation in the history of marketing”. That key word is valuable
  •  By teaming up with BPR you will have access to a listener who is actually interested in hearing your message.



  • BPR is the only radio outlet addressing the Boomer Plus demographic in the Valley with relevant content and programming.
  • BPR broadcasts online in clear digital hi-def sound. No static interference from an analog signal.
  • BPR is bringing back original radio with new technology
  • BPR programs are available in a podcast format, smart phone, I-Pad, I-Phone or you can listen to 12 hours of programs LIVE every Saturday.
  • BPR programs bring back the memories and the music from the soundtrack of your life. 



A cornucopia of  memories, mindful chatter, and music from the jukebox of your life. Whether it’s A Boomer Home Companion, North America’s #1 podcast for Boomers and Beyond or Boomertown, Canada’s #1 nostalgia, BPR delivers programs that inspire and entertain hosted by veteran radio personalities. The Greatest Music Of Our Time. A Musical Buffet of Big Band Sounds, Sultry Soul, Rockin R & B , Boppin Blues and a whole lot of Jazz.

So whether it’s Frank Allan and Music Beat with his serving  of the Fifties, Soul, R & B, and Motown or Radio Deluxe with John Pizzareli and Jessica Molaskey, New York’s coolest couple broadcasting from their Lexington Avenue apartment and dishing out fabulous music, with  legendary guests and entertaining chatter, all of the musical tastes of a Boomer are covered.

We are also Inspiring  listeners to tap the brakes, slow down and get back to living more real and in the moment with award winning hosts Stephen Andrews and Sally James as they cover topics ranging from food, wine, travel and health to greener living.

And if you are a Jazz fan, we’ve got you covered with  Jazz on The Rocks, hosted by Shelley G.  A syndicated Jazz show originating from Kamloops that is gaining accolades from radio station managers and Jazz musicians across North America



Allan Holender

 The  Boomer Public Radio Story

When the concept of active aging entered the mind of author, mentor, and serial entrepreneur, Allan Holender, he made a conscious  decision to leave the city he had known personally and professionally  for 43 years and move to a  community , where the average age was 54.  Shortly after that , he and his wife decided to re-invent their lives, and the former broadcast executive  immediately grasped its powerful implication: why shouldn’t all our years be alive with purpose, and brimming with healthful activity?

What started as enthusiasm became a commitment, and the commitment became ONE big Dream. That dream was to create a radio network that would become “The preferred media choice for connecting the voices of Boomers from around the world. Where imagination and ideas flourish. The idea became a reality with the birth of  Boomer Public Radio. His intention was for Boomer Public Radio to be the Number #1 digital source for news, information, stories, conversations, and entertainment exclusively for the 10 million Boomers and beyond in Canada and 80 million in the U.S.

Holender’s efforts have turned the idea of active aging into an entire edutainment broadcast network, thus inspiring researchers, organizations and health and wellness professionals around the world to come together with the common goal of changing the way society perceives and responds to its older population.

The timing was ideal; while the United Nations and World Health Organizations were awakening to the need for policies to support active aging on a global scale, Boomer Public Radio could emerge as the one media entity that could be the go-to source for anyone needing information on older-adult issues. Holender says; ” Our social broadcasting  platforms are as multi-faceted as they are effective in disseminating the active-aging message. We are inviting world-renowned experts from medicine, science and academe to be expert contributors within our broadcast family. “

“Utilizing the latest tools of online digital broadcasting, podcasting, on demand audio, e-paper, and crowdcasting, we will be engaging leading authors and new thought presenters. We will be inviting industry leaders to explain to our audiences how they would  make their products and services more appropriate for the older population, thus guiding  their marketing efforts in a truthful and honest way.”

“We are also one of the few media outlets that focus their entire program content around the fifty plus generation, thus becoming  a prime source for those spreading the active-aging message. Think “CNN for Boomers”. Forbes magazine recently was quoted as saying “Boomers are the most valuable generation in the history of marketing”.

Holender also announced the launch of it’s premiere  flagship show. He  will produce and host a new entertainment and conversation podcast on Boomer Public Radio.

 “ A BOOMER HOME COMPANION”,  which launched November 5th, is a cornucopia of fireside memories, mindful chatter and  music from the jukebox of your life. “Do you remember”? “The program also features  candid and insightful interviews with prominent boomers from all walks of life. Allan will be inviting  a whole range of interesting folks from around the world to pull up a chair to the big breakfast table and have a conversation. There’s lots of room for you too!”  The show will air LIVE on the BPR Network and be available later as a podcast.

 “Our  flagship podcast is based on the popularity of NPR in the U.S. and CBC in Canada” . “Boomers love the diversity of the commercial-free programming content” says Holender.  “We are committed to bringing back the golden era of radio with new technology. All of the programming, the personalities, the music, the memories, and the musings will be geared to those baby boomers and beyond who fondly remember the “magic” and the way radio used to sound.  This is the population that grew up with an actual “real’ radio in their possession, those who were born between 1946 and 1964. It may have been a radio console in the living room for the family to gather around on a Sunday evening, or a radio in the kitchen, the bedroom, the den, or in the workshop. And many will even remember the smart phone of the times – it was the “transistor radio” that you took to the beach. Do you remember?

 Holender, who has been closely observing trends in the radio industry business model over the past three decades, notes that we are seeing re-broadcasting of “Podcasts” as a new norm for radio stations as they try to capture the much needed quality content to fill their programming schedules. A good example is that of The TED Radio Hour, which is produced by National Public Radio, and is now being made available for syndication to local stations, as a podcast. And there are new collaborative partnerships being created in the world of Podcasting and Publishing. Forbes and PodcastOne have announced a partnership to create a “Forbes on PodcastOne” network of on-demand audio. In what appears to be a deep creative business relationship, the two companies will collaborate on production, distribution, promotion, marketing, and advertising sales.

 Holender adds that  “As everyone knows the industry is not always 100% unified. Some companies have their own plans on how to accomplish their goals with their radio assets and that doesn’t always mesh with what the industry as a whole is focused on. “The entire media landscape is changing with the advent of the internet and digital tehnology”. Radio and Television have lost some of the traditional listeners and viewers that they had previously relied on back when there were no choices other than listening to an actual physical radio or watching a traditional television set.

Television PVR’s and Radio Podcasts are replacing appointment television and radio. Even the traditional car radio, the last stronghold for radio, is being replaced with a WIFI dashboard that will allow you to search thousands of stations on the internet for free, and listen to your favorite podcast in hi-def surround sound. You may only need a local broadcast radio station for weather, news, traffic and sports reports. That’s why he says, “We have made a conscious decision that we will be an ALL DIGITAL On Demand  and “Live Stream” radio network, with a business model that meets the new realties in the industry. When asked, “What about  terrestrial radio stations, he says “By making BPR all digital it allows the flexibility to use all the new forms of radio as well as still being able to take advantage of traditional media such as broadcast radio,by selling shows via syndication.

  “A Boomer Home Companion“, is produced and hosted by Holender, an early pioneer of Internet broadcasting in Canada, who has over 40 years in the broadcasting industry. Holender has been a highly  recognized producer , nationally syndicated radio host, and acclaimed writer.  He’s also been one of the original founders of a terrestrial radio station in the lower mainland of British  Columbia. C-ISL 650, which started out programming for Boomers.

 “Through the power of social broadcasting”, Holender says “BPR will focus on discovery and engagement with a range of audio types, including spoken-word stories, news, information, journalism, and entertainment,  all targeted to the Baby Boomer Generation. Boomers of the world need a citizen voice to be heard above the noise of corporate media and the drone of commercial driven radio. To emphasize the power of social broadcasting, Holender quotes Google on it’s new “crowdcaster”platform:

 “For years, we’ve invited iconic voices, from television and radio, into our homes. Today, with the power of technological advancement and a movement towards social sharing, we have an opportunity to give media back to the people. This is where the power of social broadcasting becomes really important – in its ability to democratise audio, giving voices to those we couldn’t hear before, and giving rise of a new era of information sharing around the globe!”

 Holender further adds, “Our goal and intention at BPR is to be an independent citizen voice, to help media improve their coverage of issues affecting the world’s  increasingly aging communities. Traditional media outlets just don’t understand the aging population in communities around the world. They don’t know the community’s politics, the divisions among government and private initiatives and the diversity of programs. It all starts with the Boomers, those currently aged 51-69, and then goes beyond Boomers to include those 70-100″.

 “This issue goes beyond the Boomer community itself,” Holender says, “because the public is poorly served when reports don’t reflect the reality of life of someone who is growing older.”  Estimates released this month by the U.S. Census Bureau show that Baby Boomers (ages 51-69) now number 74.9 million.

And the grey shift has already begun in Canada, says Holender, with over 10 million Boomers. As of this year, for the first time, Canada has more people over the age of 65 than under 15. The age group that now encompasses the boomer generation – 50 to 69 – makes up 27 per cent of the population, compared with 18 per cent in that age group two decades ago. The number of people over 65, the traditional retirement age in this country, make up 16 per cent of the population – double their proportion in 1971.

 Boomer Public Radio is unfettered by the constraints of geography, demographics, culture, politics or the status quo. Our intention at  Boomer Public Radio is to expand our knowledge and influence across multiple sectors, countries and organizations – to the point where today we have the programs, the expertise, the media platform and the experts to champion the causes of active aging in a way no one else can. Featuring fresh takes and real-time analysis from BPR’s signature lineup of contributors and to re-think the media’s current coverage of an aging population while developing new formats more in line with public service and less defined by the need to make a profit for shareholders as is the custom of radio and television corporate conglomerates.

Unlike the corporate media giants that now control hundreds of local stations, we are local radio people helping local radio become more profitable while maximizing the local feel of every sponsor. From the clarity of our DIGITAL music sound to our inspired personalities, our formats achieve a higher standard of excellence.

We are independent, free range, organic radio without the harmful use of the one thing listeners hate the most- commercials!  We use the PBS & NPR model of sponsor partner acknowledgements. No static interference from screaming announcers.  People are saying; ” The shows on radio are getting shorter and the commercials are getting longer. This is the fourth one in a row. Don’t they realize there’s a limit to our patience”. Over-the-air radio is vulnerable. “As terrestrial radio becomes less relevant, online radio will continue to grow”

 Our commitment to an exceptional listening experience with digital hi-def sound doesn’t end with providing our fans a higher quality of infotainment and knowledgeable hosts. To be honest it didn’t even begin there.

The desire to start a boutique radio station like Boomer Public Radio has been a vision of its founder for one very simple reason. Right now, there are no radio stations that are programming for over half of the Valley population.

The listening public has accepted a lack of programming for this generation as the norm, resulting in the current commercial radio stations  doing nothing more than trying to keep the 18-39 year old listeners who are leaving them for other listening options found on the web.

We believe it’s time to change the radio dial.

So we will, one listener at a time



 “I’m very pleased to have The Heritage join the Boomer Public Radio Network at this critical time in its evolution,”  Allan Holender and the BPR  team have done an amazing job building and field testing the BPR model for targeting the Boomers and Beyond demographic and taking the time to create the right programming and attracting great talent, not to mention expending the resources to do it right. Everything is now in place to take the network and A Boomer Home Companion to the next level. We are excited to be a founding sponsor partner”– Jennifer Larose, Marketing Manager, The Heritage Retirement Residences


Our commitment to an exceptional listening experience doesn’t end with providing our fans with a higher quality of infotainment, and knowledgeable hosts. To be honest it didn’t even begin there.

Are 18-39 year olds an age group most interested in your product or service? They certainly aren’t interested in a retirement residence. That’s one of the reasons The Heritage became our first sponsor partner.


 As an  advertiser, you now have a choice, a clear choice. You can continue to spend dollars on a radio station that your Boomer customer might just happen to listen to, or you can invest in a station that GUARANTEES all the listeners will be Baby Boomers and Beyond. In other words, a captive and interested audience.


Kelowna alone has a population of 123,500 with a median age of 43.0 years

 Vernon , the next largest city has a population of 38,150 with a median age of 46.5 years

Penticton the next largest city has a population of 32,800 with a median age of 49.4 years



All three of these cities are within 45 minutes driving distance of Kelowna.  Right now,  there are no radio stations that are programming for Boomers Plus exclusively . The one AM station in Kelowna, AM1150,  that was OLDIES, has now become News, Talk, Sports. Other than the CBC most FM commercial stations are programming for the 18-39 year olds in order to either keep them from leaving or bring them back because they have switched their listening habits  to other new media devices and web downloads.


Unlike the corporate media giants that now control hundreds of local stations, we are local radio people helping local radio become more profitable while maximizing the local feel of every sponsor. From the clarity of our DIGITAL music sound to our inspired personalities, our formats achieve a higher standard of excellence. We are independent, free range, organic radio without the harmful use of the one thing listeners hate the most- commercials!  We use the PBS & NPR model of sponsor partner acknowledgements. No static interference from screaming announcers.


We know the meaning of the word partner. We are collaborative, responsive, and singularly focused on your success. We don’t simply want to fill the air on our station.

FACT: People are saying; ” The shows on radio are getting shorter and the commercials are getting longer. This is the fourth one in a row. Don’t they realize there’s a limit to our patience”. Over-the-air radio is vulnerable. “As terrestrial radio becomes less relevant, online radio will continue to grow”.


If you are interested in  having your brand, products and services showcased with your own personal story, directly targeted to Boomers and Beyond,  then sharing your business story on  A Boomer Home Companion,might be the best marketing investment you will make in 2017. We guarantee that you will be in the front row with our listeners as we build our audience together.


BPR strives to deliver fairer prices, better customer service and new ways of interacting with listeners. With the aim of making potential savings more tangible, BPR partnered with MIXLR and MIXCLOUD, a digital broadcast platform offering  multi-channel, multi-touchpoint campaign demonstrating the fun ways listeners could spend the money that can be saved by switching to our sponsors.

According to Ted Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, Brand Innovators,  “… a Return on Relationship is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship over time…. and this true relationship connection will pass through to the consumer.”

BPR has  created a customer journey model in which listeners would be served three to four creatives before being urged to take further action by getting a quote or switching to our sponsors. A range of formats will  lead users through a cohesive pathway to improve their engagement with your brand.

First, listening to our flagship show “A Boomer Home Companion” since June has piqued listener interest. This was then followed by the addition of a companion show “BoomerTown”, Canada’s #1 Nostalgia Podcast, a one hour show which is heard on two separate radio stations in Victoria and Winnipeg and through access to a podcast library.

The next touchpoint was to create a combination web and broadcast site for information, program listings, and an archived podcast library of previous shows.

The next touchpoint was to create a daily digital online newspaper  “The Boomer Home Gazette with news,  stories, information, tips, ideas and entertainment for those fifty and over.

The final touchpoint took the form of launching the Boomer Public Radio Network with 12 hours of programming on Feb. 11th.


Together our goals should be to:

• Increase brand awareness and consideration

• Drive consumers to  find out more about your product or service

The Approach we will take:

• Create a  customer journey model to drive engagement through multiple touchpoints

• Incorporate  creative formats and channels in a sequential, structured way

  • Use a digital online multi media platform to fully integrate your  campaign across  radio, newspaper, blog, social media and  Youtube.


Our mission at BPR is  to “honor the past, fix the present, and build the future,”

All of our Boomer Home Companion episodes are archived as podcasts for listening at a later time, and you so get extra exposure every time someone listens.


Radio is the theater of the mind and imagination. It’s an emotional medium by nature. Pictures communicate information and sound communicates emotion. We are creative, forward thinkers who are passionate about the industry.


We love it and we want to improve it. We want to expand the two way dialogue within the medium and deliver beyond the dial, with platforms that create an interactive, engaging and highly communicative environment. We don’t believe that radio is dead, it may appear on life support, but it is alive and well online.

Research has shown that third party testimonials from the host of a podcast creates a call to action.

Our team brings the fresh mindset that is needed to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

 How Much Does Radio Advertising Cost?

 We asked radio sales managers in three different-sized markets to estimate the cost of running a 30-second ad about 20 times a week for a year. Costs ranged from roughly $400 per week in Hamilton, Ont.; $600 to $1,200 per week in Saskatchewan cities; to $2,000 per week in Vancouver

Some time slots, such as the 8 a.m. news or the lead-in to the business report, are priced higher.

Become a BPR Preferred Sponsor Partner

The BPR  Preferred Sponsor Partner program is another great way to keep your products and services in front of the Fifty plus audience  year-round.


 The BPR  Preferred Sponsor Partner program is another great way to keep your products and services in front of the Fifty plus audience  year-round.

The program includes:

  • First opportunity to be a named sponsor of a featured segment related to your service or industry.    
  • The opportunity to submit your company news for publication in our daily digital newspaper “The Boomer Home Gazette“.  (news submissions must be approved by the Editor )
  • A business listing and logo in our weekly BPR program guide .
  • A business listing in all media alerts for Boomer Public Radio’s weekly  “LIVE” flagship program “A Boomer Home Companion” hosted by veteran broadcaster, Allan Holender
  • Your business story as told to Allan Holender in a podcast format, professionally produced, and made available for your own use.  You own it.
  • Sponsor mentions with message inserted at the top, middle, and end of each two hour segment of North America’s  #1 premiere radio podcast for Boomers and Beyond.
  • Use of the BPR Preferred Business partner logo in your marketing.
  • Your last month is free if you sign up for a year. Plus two additional mentions on A Boomer Home Companion radio show.
  • Your company logo and web url in our Featured Partner section on the BPR website.
  • Exclusivity of Industry– If you are the first, you remain the only sponsor from that industry till you cancel your contract. (Available only to Preferred Sponsor Partners)
  • We have you covered. Boomer Public Radio is everywhere on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, You Tube,and a Blog,


(Choice of 3 month, 6 month  or 1 year contracts)

Monthly Investment:

3 months @$550 per month

6 months @$500 per month

12 months @ $400 per month (Last month free)

To reserve your spot for next week’s show contact Allan at 250-215-6692 or e-mail at

The audience is waiting……last week 610 people listened to A Boomer Home Companion. Can local radio tell you exactly how many people heard your ad?

 Looking forward to you joining us on this exciting new radio journey.

“Your audience is waiting”