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breaking news #4



November 21, 2017


Having already positioned himself in the digital radio marketplace in the Okanagan with two previous online only web radio stations; Peachland Radio and Okanagan Radio, Allan Holender, a pioneer of internet radio since 1997,  has joined forces with Boomer Public Radio to create Okanagan Valley Radio .com

“We’re excited to be part of a global network dedicated to a generation largely ignored by mainstream media.”Holender launched Okanagan Radio .com  in 2015 with a “Golden Oldies” and “Cool Jazz” program format after moving from Peachland where he brought Peachland it’s first web radio station. Okanagan Radio .com has been inactive for the past year waiting for the right partner to take it to the next level”, says Holender. We have and always will remain an independent station, locally owned and operated with a passion and love for the craft .

“Today marks the beginning of a new media era for the Okanagan’s 98,000 Boomers and retirees”, says Holender, representing 54% of the Valley population.

They’ve been “hungry” for their own radio station that speaks to them about their own unique lifestyle and brand of music. They don’t see themselves as aging and preparing to die, instead they’ve come here to enjoy all the Okanagan has to offer in their sunset years.Through our research over the past four years, we’ve discovered three musical genres they are most interested in hearing ; “Golden Oldies from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, Jazz, and the Blues.

As far as  programming goes, I think we have some of the best on air talent in Canada. Veteran radio personalities who host what I believe are  award winning shows. “They really know their stuff.””Combined with the programs already on BPR. I think we’ve created the best of both worlds”, says Holender. Especially during these unsettling times,  I’d like to call us “Radio For The Intelligent Optimist” We’re content rich with world class entertainment, relevant conversations, and the best of music from the soundtrack of your life.”

Veteran radio personalities who have been in radio for decades host shows throughout the weekend:

For the past ten years  Barry Bowman of Victoria  and Roger Currie of Winnipeg have hosted “BoomerTown”, Canada’s #1 Nostalgia Podcast in Canada. Brant Zwicker of Kamloops hosts one of Canada’s longest running Blues Shows- “At The Crossroads Blues Radio”. Shelley Gummeson, also from Kamloops, hosts North America’s finest syndicated Jazz show; “Jazz on the Rocks”.

From New York, Frank Allan, one of the legendary DJ’s from the 50’s,  hosts a four hour musical extravaganza on the weekend, called “Music Beat”. He brings back the memories and the music of the 50’s, 60’s, soul, R & B, motown, doo-wop,  and rock and roll. Also from New York City, one of the world’s finest Jazz musicians, John Pizzarelli, and his wife, Jessica Molaskey co-host a most deluxe Jazz show  from their Lexington Avenue apartment called “RADIO DELUXE”   

Holender, himself a forty year veteran broadcaster, who founded C-ISL 650 in Richmond, BC, also hosts his own weekly  show called “A Boomer Home Companion”. “The show is Canada’s #1 national radio podcast for Boomers and Beyond  and is a cornucopia of fireside memories, mindful chatter, music from the jukebox of your life and musings from a voice well travelled “. He will be hosting a daily conversation show on the new station.

For now, Okanagan Valley Radio programs . air on the Boomer Public Radio Network’s  lIve stream on weekends.  http://edge.mixlr.com/channel/jioou  Podcasts will be archived on the BPR broadcast/web site at www.boomerpublicradio.com